MARTA HARNER is a COSTUME DESIGNER based in Warsaw and Berlin, represented by Match&Spark. In her portfolio you can find commercials, social & fashion campaigns, music videos, TV series and art projects. She worked with directors such as Jovan Todorović, Tom Kurtz, Nick Bartleet, Joakim Reveman, WAFLA, Jack Cole, Nico Casavecchia, and Reynald Gresset, Vitali Gelwich to name a few. 

INTERIOR'S CREATIVE SOUL, DECORATOR  and ART ADVISOR belives that the great space resonates with the owner and has its rythm with the nature and light. In people, art and intuition she trusts. Dreamer and Doer!

Costume Design

Emilia Klepadło +48731302210 Igor Pająk +48731302208 

Interior & other things

Marta Harner +48663426672


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